I failed the childhood friend route

So I have this neighbor who I have known since before I started grade school. Honestly I did see him in a romantic light, but after 4 grade he started going to an all boys school and became a top student there. Then he started the journey of the traditional meet your girlfriend at that all girls school just across the street. At those school every year there is a party and all the girls and boys meet up for socializing purposes, each school takes turns hosting that party. Now it’s known to all the students that if you want a romantic relationship the only time is at those parties, so when they meet up almost no dancing is done and there is just a lot of trading phone numbers and emails. Its common to marry your high school sweet heart and send your kids to the all boy/girl schools. Anyway, he got a girlfriend and… yeah he got a girlfriend, there is really nothing else to say. Before my romance started it ended, he is really cute and good looking and his family has so many vacation homes. Every year they go to some place exotic and because his family has a good relationship with mine they always give us stuff. He studies at brown university in the USA, he now has a job at Google and… I don’t know. We are the same age but he is just so much more farther in life. It just makes me feel bad, it feels like he has everything. I think I am more jelly over the fact that he is so successful in life then romantically liking him now. Why cant my family be lawyers and I get a job at Google :C.

Oh well he is cute.


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