That guy who lives next to me.

I have a neighbor who lives right next door to me, and before I started school we always played together. I never thought of him as a love interest. I mean the reason we stopped talking to each other was because he didn’t invite me to his birthday party one year. Then again I didn’t really invite him to mine, (not that I had any birthday parties). I think his family was mad cause we had some cypress trees that they used for shade and so we kinda cut them down, Yeah they were unhappy about that. We really just played together that’s it.

So in high school there was a guy named Richard. We had the same Japanese class and stuff so we were pretty good friends. Now when I was playing truth or dare with some of my friends they asked who I liked and I said I like Richard’s sense of clothing style. Then they started being all giddy and saying that the likeness will turn into like romance stuff. Now I don’t really think that I would like him that way cause his is kinda like… to anime weeaboo thing… and he cant sing well… but he thinks he can. It was pretty bad. Anyway I think they told him and he started avoiding me. Not that I cared it was pretty meh to me. I mean I don’t like you? What in the world are you doing? Anyway I kinda thought it was funny cause I heard stories of how he has done that before with a girl named Angela. He found out that she liked him and started doing everything in his power to stay away from her. I think that she really like him so I mean… That’s kind of a jerk move right there.


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