What William said I should talk about

He said I should write about “What you think about the current state of the animation industry” So here is it.

The animation industry is pretty good in Vancouver right now, cause the Canadian dollar is down and everything. So all the animation people in the usa are moving here to get more work for their dollar. YEP! I dont know about moving up though I mean I know since is doing so well here I have many people to fight against. Animation is really fun but its quite a bit harder then I thought it would be. What I like the most about animation is how most people know that its the people around you that will get you jobs. Its about failing and getting back up, about seeing the world for what it is and not what you think it is. You are the only person who can judge your self worth. Its important to remember there is a difference from wanting to improve and beating yourself up for no reason. I just… after reading what animators have to say about everything made me rethink about the world. Sure there are bad people who are mean but there are more people that have so many nice to share and it just feels so much more friendly. Care about yourself, care about your work. Think a little more before you say something, try and help people just a little more.

I guess this is also a good time to talk about my personality. To be true I am really negative and I dont like talking to people I dont know. When I was young I had a hard time making friends, I dont think people liked me that much. At the time I watched a lot of Disney films, and that made me think.. I wanted to be like them. Someone who is likable and nice, someone who was popular I guess. Around this time I transferred school and was tested for somethings. They said I had a learning disability and was held back a year. At the time I understood “disability” as someone who couldn’t walk or someone who was unable to hear. I dont really remember a lot from that time just that I was really sad all the time. I think I cried a lot? but its been so long and I don’t think I want to remember that time. I am not that smart even now I have difficulty remembering things. But my learning disability isn’t that bad and doesn’t effect me that much. Its pretty normal and if I studied I would be like any other person. Anyway after a while I got into manga and anime, the one the affected me the most was probably fruits basket. Toru honda LOL I really liked her and I wanted to be like her… In grade 6. Man dark times…Its not good at all.

Kevin said I need more minerals mhm. Star craft. league. dota. magic.