Allen’s blog

Allen wanted me to write a blog. But like I don’t remember what I was going to write about, what should I say? At the moment I have no real problems and I’m really happy with mostly everything in my life right now. I mean… I just spent the past month writing that one blog. But you know, I’m glad everyone enjoyed reading it. It makes it more then worth all the effort I put into it.

I really dont want to write this right now, but like allen wanted me to write a blog. I was thinking earlier that I could make a blog post about something… but now its like 12am and I have no memories of what in the world I did today.

Lets see…. I guess I’ll write about trust.

I trust all of you… mostly. There are a few things that I dont want to tell all of you. I have one secret that I can’t tell any of you. There is a lot of stuff I wont say because its embarrassing and some stuff I just can’t tell anyone because it’s just not my place to say anything.

Uh what else can I say.


thats what.


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