bucket list

Things to do by myself this winter:

Go to the library and read a book for the first time in like ever

shop with my parents are buy clothes that I really need

Play all the games that people gave me.

Study animation

Watch cute movies

whatever shows these are

draw at least 10 hands and feet

learn some colour theory

Make some new friends

catch up with old friends

write more blogs about things… events that happen that day

People watch

cafe sketch

make myself a skype profile pic

draw a different animal a day

learn how to teach people

get a nice sleeping schedule

start the day with a bowl of oatmeal everyday

start cooking more food

walk at least 1km a day

stop being scared of being alone

stop letting people walk over me

sort out my feelings

stop relying on others when I should figure stuff out myself

Stop giving into temptations


Start loving myself more

start being less self centered

Pick up on peoples emotions more

Start smiling more

try not to spend too much money for the next two weeks

work on getting nicer legs for spring

try and spend less time on the computer

learn manners

try and network the industry

work on my handwriting

teach teacup how to do tricks

clean out my closet

learn a kpop dance

learn to sing more songs

pay more attention to other people feelings

read up on physiology

study¬†leonardo da vinci’s stuff to learn anatomy

try to spend at least 9 to 6 out everyday

This list might be a little too long for my two week break, but to the me in the future remember you have the rest of your life to work on these things. Right now you might be too scared to take any steps forward but its okay to be a little scared right now. Just don’t stay that way because we need to change.

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