Status Quo

its my birthday month! Yayyyyyyy I got so many more gifts this year cause I had a much bigger party this time.

It was pretty fun, all you spoil me whenever we have a get together. Its so much work getting all the food together and making sure everyone has enough stuff.. finding some people cant eat somethings and picky eaters and the such…

I dont know how many people really liked my food or not… since it was my birthday and all I dont think anyone would say to me face that my food wasnt to their liking.

Lets see… you know last month as soon as I posted whatever I posted, I started to write that blog to keep up with my 1 blog a month thing. I have no idea where it is. Or like what in the world I wanted to say in it. Isnt that great…

I have been playing a lot of Miitomo, its pretty fun to see what everyone is up to outside of school. Although its not something I really play for long periods of time. I know some people can play for hours on end, but when home is the only place with internet, its hard to get addicted.

A friend of mine, her sibling ran away from home. She is only 15 years old and she felt so overwhelmed by what was happening she physically removed herself from the situation. I think its hard for the whole family and such, and I know that a few family members dont want to get involved or rather dont know what to say.

What do you do to stop children from going down a spiral of out of control chaos. How do you know you are doing the right thing to help lead them down to a good path in life.

Is there even a way for us to know we are doing the right thing? When the child is young its our duty to make sure they are on a good path, and we take whatever they want to do as “you just dont know any better” How do you slowly let go of their hand and let them walk and choose what they want to do.

I think that’s a pretty hard thing to do for an adult. How do you help someone who has isolated themselves from others. Its hard to help those that cry for help, yet refuse any you give.

How do you figure out that running away from your problems just makes it far worse. Then when you stop running  how do you ask for help to solve those problems.

I think what worries me the most about this girl is how she is isolating herself from her classmates. Being alone is the worst feeling, I want to know why she doesnt want to talk to her classmates. Why does she just skip school when this art school is what she chose herself.

I know she has friends that she meets up with to play league of legends. Its not a bad game, she meets with these people in real life and they play all day from what I heard. Its.. league isnt the best thing for isolation I think.

I have been thinking of something else recently as well, how little patient I have been giving people. Everyone needs empathy and its only normal that I give people with mental stuff a little more empathy then others.

But gosh… I have problems too, I would like to talk about them sometimes too. I dont need to hear about how much better at things them me and really I just want them to grow a little bit maybe.

I heard from Kaitlyn that she will be going back home after she grads. She wants to get a job with animals and such. Animation would be too much for her metal heath, so her parents dont want her to do something so stressful.

I’m not sure what to think about this. I mean I dont think she will find a job here, that much is true. But to waste 32k on learning something that she will not use for anything is a little bit wasteful.

As I think now Leanne will not keep a job, she gets mad at the littlest things and she is hard to work with for group projects. That is something we absolutely need in this industry, she skipped school when she wasn’t feeling well and just makes all these excuses for stuff… I find her unreliable if anything.

As for problems… I dont really have any at the moment… I’m feeling a little burnt out, I’m super slow at learning anything and that is super frustrating. I feel ok about not having a boyfriend, I want to be cuter…

on the topic of being cuter…

Today I watched videos about plastic surgery in korea lol. Please dont ask why I was watching them… I dont want to get plastic surgery cause the money is just… I dont have that kinda cash for my face.

But for all the girls who got surgery.. half is from being bullied or just a part of their face they feel that they are unable to live with. Listening to them was weird… cause where ever I go I always see and hear people say “love who you are!” or “Be yourself!”.

And I hear it so much I dont really hate my appearance at all. I mean I’m fat, I dont like that about myself. But it can easily be changed by working out or working on eating less. Its something within my control. But other them me being fat… I dont really hate my face.

Sure I have a weird 1/2 eye lid and my nose is really big and maybe around my mouth is too dark and I also have a clef chin. but I have never hated them so much I would want to changed then.

Listening to those girls was an eye opener to me. People are mean, and it makes these people feel like they have to change to fit in.

To be honest I’m not really sure what I’m getting at… I just thought it was strange that until I heard their stories I didnt understand what they were going through and why they would need plastic surgery.



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