boy problems

So you guys know my neighbor right? The super successful one.. THE ONE WHO WORKS FOR GOOGLE.

yeah that one.

So I found out he has a new girlfriend, a student at brown university going into med school this fall. Its another long distance relationship, or so I hear.

I thought that now I kinda more or less have my life together I wouldn’t feel so..sad?

I dont know.. man he just gets so much money from working at google… and he has a med school girlfriend…

And what do I have? nothing… I’m still in school.. even if I do get a job its still contract work… 3 months at a time..

It just makes me sad.. oh well

But! what I do know about him is that his relationships are all long distance.

And for him it doesn’t usually workout. I mean its awful to say.. but I’m going to say it anyway!

I hope his something in his life fails… or like maybe has a bump… it would be nice…

to be fair though I haven’t heard any bad ¬†things about him cause his mom is the one talking about him.

Meh. My mother isn’t comparing me to him… just my sister to him.

I mean I’m an artist.. you cant compare that to a comp sci major

I’m just sad that if I ever wanted to marry rich I totally lost all chances of that ever happening… its a shame..

maybe if I’m lucky he will be friends with me and introduce me to someone rich.

hahah yeah.