I’m really scared right now

I dont even know why

I have most of my demo reel done, everything else I need to do will only take a day at most.

but this whole over whelming fear is taking over me

I dont know what to do

or who to talk to

I cant stop crying and shaking

people are telling me to stop stressing but I cant help it

I just dont want to think anymore

1 more week of school

then I’ll never have to look back again

I wonder how many friends I’ll lose

I wonder if I’ll even get a job

they tell me the most important thing is to never give up, even so its hard not to give up when even your best isnt good enough

honestly I dont know who I’m freaking out… I’m in a much better place then some of the others

if this keeps up though…. I’m going to run away from everything.

in fact today.. I didnt go to school till 5… normally I go at 11

I’m already starting to run away from everything.

ugh life is gross


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