I died in stardew

And so now I’m writing a blog to try and finish all the blogs! mmm next year I shouldn’t say I’ll write 1 blog a month… its too much nothing really happens.

I went out for expensive bbq today it was pretty good. I ate quite a bit and now I am happily drinking green tea.

A part of me wants to get back into league… another part of me understands that I internet is just not stable at all and playing that game is not good. Also I suck. There is no cure for that.

uh what else.

I’m craving sweet things maybe I should bake a fancy cake again…

My friends want to do a pumpkin carving competition, so I offered to have it at my place. Since my parents are leaving for that mexico cruise I have the house all to myselff.

Now I can bake everyday and partyyy. I should also clean the house but you know.

so I graduated a few days ago. To be honest I really didnt care for it, if it wasnt right after my demo reel show I dont think I would have gone.

It was just as boring as I thought it would be, at least it wasnt as long as my high school one. My parents couldnt show up so Tiffany came instead. It was really nice of her cause I really think there is a better way to spend your Thursday night.

At my grad show as well, a few of my high school friends showed up. I wanted to eat lunch with them but in the end they went home and I ate with my school friends.

Meh as much as I like them, I feel like sometimes they give me more stress then its worth. Either that or I just spend way too much time with them and want to hang with other people now lol.


oh god I wish I was cute but this is the best I can be :T

alas woe is me.

what else should I talk about….

In stardew valley I finished the main story and now Im doing side quests and such… I still dont know who to marry cause everyone is ugly and I have standers.

well I have max hearts with almost everyone now… time to choose lol

I need more money in that game tho.. I still have no idea how people have so much money in this game.. maybe I just spend too much on useless things lol :T

William is a nurse and has to look after so many people I don’t envy him at all. He also doesnt have a bird so. ¬†get a bird then maybe we can have a heart to heart… about birds!


please have an enjoyable day.