I need to write something

uh I worked our again today… I couldn’t do the whole workout thing that I had to do today, so I’m going to do the other half when my legs aren’t feeling like they are dying.

Blogilates is really hard… Dieting is super hard!

I really dont want too many people knowing I

mdieting, cause then I feel like I’m just going to fail sooner or later… you know like counting eggs before they hatch? Or I guess its more like saying you’re going to do something so often you feel like you did something without really doing anything.

Does that make sense?  I feel like I’m having a much harder time trying to express myself as of late. I should really do more reading…

I feel like I need to get out of the house more too… I think fresh air would be good for me.

You know… I read all this stuff about weight loss, and its just… they lose weight so fast D:

I feel like to get down to the weight I wanna be it will take me at least a year… But some people can lose that much is like 4 months. Gosh

Some girls are just so strong its amazing.

I hope that I can get healthier and then I can go back to eating some sweets. Also I need to be careful around Christmas time.

I think around that time it will be the hardest for me… every time I go somewhere for dinner I end up eating more then I should.

I’m also having a hard time with portion control… and eating less.

I just love food so much I wanna eat more D:

I know that I wont really see any changes to my appearance for a few months and that kinda makes me sad too… I know I should be more focused on healthy life choices but I’m far too vain for that.


Yep. I don’t know what else to say.

I’m eating an apple right now, I’m savoring it so much.. foooooooood ; n ;

no one is online right now either.. I’m kinda bored…I should make apple pies for my teachers today.. asdkjfkl I have a whole lot of gingerbread and a pumpkin roll cake too…

ahhhh no one will eat my stuffffff

I cant even eat my stuff :C man…


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