first day of work

Okay so I woke up at 7:30 and ate breakfast I wanted to leave early, BUT I was still late. Good stuff

In the end it didnt matter cause everyone else was later… I had to talk to HR before I started work. She didnt show up for like an hour, so that was cool. I ended up talking to the other animators who started today.

I was the only junior, everyone else was a senior animator. It was fun to listen to them talk about their past shows.

When we did get to our seats and settled down, all I did was log into everything and read what all the stuff does. There was a “bible” thing for the show I’m working on, so I spent a while reading it. All it talked about what the show was about, you know… preschool monster kids learning how to be good humans in the future. No one wants to hear about that. I am also under a contract now.

After that they gave us some work to do. I was assigned a super easy shot. SO EASY YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. But more on that later.

After I got my shot everyone was like. ITS LUNCH! and even though I brought lunch, thinking it would be social suicide I went.

we took a 2 hour lunch.

I sat there very awkwardly. In fact I was so awkward my teachers commented on it.

I had nothing to say.. and I wasnt really hungry at the time either so I ordered the cheapest thing I could a bowl of soup.

I wish I could say something about the lunch but really I dont remember much. I was in the middle of the table and each end of the table had a different convo going on so.. I was listen to both of them and none of them. yeah.

Anyway after lunch I spent the rest of my time working on the shot I was given. I thought it would take me a few hours to finish it… and I would ask for another shot later… but no.

I spent the rest of the day doing a 38 frame shot. for like 4 hours


I wasnt even polished work. just like layout stuff.. god dang… the teacher come up to me and was like… if you have problems you gotta ask… AND I WASNT REALLY I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS. man… but after that I just bothered the people next to me about how to animate things faster.. cause like this isnt going to work.

The people who sat next to me started today too.. both are super nice and helpful.

They said when you just start out its just how it goes and always look forward.

They also told me then confidence is the best thing to have and must be safe guarded.

Annnnnd thats all I remember.

I finished that god dang shot and asked for a new one. But the director (who is also my teacher) told me to go home cause it was 6.

I’ll try to work harder tomorrow.


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