Allen’s third blog

This whole month has been really fun for me. I turned 24 and I have so many friends that celebrated it with me.

The whole hosting parties thing was a little stressful, but I feel like I grew as a person because of it.  As much as I wish for this to be a happy blog, these past few days I have been just a little hard.

Not really.. about me. So far everything has been going really well, I’m so happy that its making me feel guilty.

As for why… I met up with a friend of julia’s from high school. A girl who has the worst, I guess luck we can call it, in boys. Her last relationship ended abusive and with a restraining order. Not the best to be sure.. it was so bad that.. her old highschool friends no longer hang out with her.

Now.. I understand if someone gives me too much stress I dont put in the effort to keep being their friend. There are too many people out there who I enjoy to spend time with you.

But this girl…. she was talking about how she was fighting with this new boyfriend. She just met his parents, they started dating 2 months ago and are already living together. She just broke off an abusive relationship.

Even when she was with this guy.. he just.. was not my cup of tea. Someone who felt insecure about their relationship, who just said whatever he wanted without caring about others. Wanting everyone to go at his tempo, whenever he did go with his GF request it was always like a favor. “UHG you wanted to eat right? Lets just go”

Kinda like that, I dont think I ever felt so much stress from spending so little time with someone. He liked to display his affection to the GF too. I really dont want to see you make out. I really dont, I’m sorry.

She made me think.. I really dont need a boyfriend. I would be much happier on my own then with someone like that. I dont want to be with someone who is like that. Insecure,  defensive, cant read the mode, doesnt care about anyone else but himself. He just over all felt like a disagreeable person.

I feel like they started dating cause he wanted to show off that he has a girlfriend, and she started dating him cause she needed companionship.

I guess those arent bad reasons to start a relationship really. What I really didnt like was that… she said they were fighting a lot more, And that it was cause she was just irritable.

Just by having dinner with them I know that its not… not her fault.

I met her for lunch with Julia earlier that day, and since the two of us didnt finish work till much later we declined to meeting them for dinner.

Lol what a surprise we ran into them for dinner too.. at 8. They had rented out a Air b and b in Burnaby… so we didnt exspect to run into them again.

Its pretty far… I think this girl wanted to spend more time with julia so she came back to gas town hoping to run into us… I mean I guess it worked.

You know I dont think I have ever felt so much stress in my life. I just wanted to have some stress korean chicken.  I DIDNT EVEN GET THAT

This girl wanted to eat seafood, so we were going to go get sushi… and then her boyfriend doesnt like sushi. So I thought we might as well go to robson cause there is lots. But these people dont like walking either.

We ended up going to red Robbins. Whatever I guess… EXCEPT THEY COMPLAINED ABOUT THEIR MEAL. So she wanted seafood right, and so she ordered the salmon dinner thing, and it was.. not the best I admit. But her boyfriend got the same thing as her and complained to the manager about it. Also her boyfriends cousin was there.. and he ate half Julia and I burger.

He then proceeded to complain to the manager about how they SWITCHED OUT ORDERS IN THE END HE JUST FRICKEN TOOK THE FOOD AND ATE IT WHEN THEY BROUGHT IT OVER.

Yeah I dont know man, it really made me re-think how much I wanted a boyfriend. Someone like that just.. isnt my cup of tea. Being around him was stressful, and I was only with him for a few hours.

Apparently he was yelling at her earlier that day too, he says he loves her, but in the end he doesn’t respect her at all.

How can she let someone do that too her.. I don’t really get it. She feels everything is her fault and that if something is wrong she has to fix it. Her confidence is just so low… not only that but moving in with this guy after 4 months just feels too fast. She is only 22.


3 thoughts on “Allen’s third blog

  1. “She made me think.. I really don’t need a boyfriend.”
    Wow, this is your growth as a human being.

    “…and she started dating him cause she needed companionship. I guess those aren’t bad reasons to start a relationship really. ”

    No, both of those are bad reasons to start a relationship. If you start a relationship because you want to not feel alone, you’re really just doing yourself a disservice. If you base your own happiness off someone else, you’re almost asking to get into some trouble.

    Which makes me wonder, if you ever get into an awful relationship, how are you going to respond when I, or one of us, tells you that your relationship status needs to change (and no, not to married or eloped).


    1. haha to be honest one of my fears is dating someone who is just strait up awful. If all of you guys, Tiffany, Julia and my mother say that there is something bad about the person I date… I will for sure rethink everything. I am the type of person who would probably fall head over heel for someone. Its a little scary really. I hope I have enough sense to not, but if not I’ll be relying on all of you to snap me out of it.
      Also… the companionship thing… I too thought that it was bad to start a relationship for that reason.. but so many people around me are trying to date people because of loneliness. I guess I’m just getting caught up in their tempo. At the very lest I dont want to start a relationship because of that.


      1. i don’t have any notifications for comments on, but thankfully you have no comments on ur blog so i could just find this by looking to the right column A++

        if you’re heads over heels for someone i don’t know how much you’re gonna listen to me when i tell you that your taste is shit LOL. especially if someone else is telling you that your relationship is “so cute” and that “your perfect for each other” and whatever else you’ll hear for people oh and the enjoyable times that you may latch on to


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