An hour early to my flight

I guess its better then being late… But what do I do for an hour. Also I have to sit for another 14 to Taipei… Hmm.

I have a little anxiety about this trip. Just the feeling of going on the plane by myself trying to find my way in a country I don’t even speak the language of.

Although this is my first trip with friends, so that’s exciting! I hope I don’t end up dead somewhere lol.

Allen said I should talk about my first job. I guess I haven’t written a blog since I started working huh…

I thought that as my first job it was really nice and somewhat relaxing.

The people on my team are really nice, I can ask them for help at anytime and they stop to help.

Chris and affy are a little distracting at times though… I should know better and ignore them… But what they say is so crazy I stop doing my work.

What else… We can bring dogs to work so that’s cool. Uhhh I kinda got a hang of animating now.

At my next job I really hope they promote me to an animator (I’m still a junior)

um… What else can I say… I can see now how reputation can kill you in this industry. Everyone knows everyone. The grape vine is a scary thing… People are so tightly knit together. There are also many people who have a… Large who I have heard.

Alright its 12:40 people are going to board soon… I wonder if i should just wait out here till the end… There is no need to quickly get on a plane I’m going to be stuck on for 14 hours.

Lets see… Allen was also saying how “although it’s the end …its just the beginning” kinda thing to the end of my contract.

I guess its just beginning cause I’m going to be working on this super exciting project when I get back!

Honestly I don’t know what it is… I think it’s more film then tv I think… But who knows really.

My director for SMO (the contract that just ended) he gets to make the new team for this project. He said he will get me an interview when I come back from Korea… 

I hope he is telling the truth.. And not just.. Trying to make me feel better lol

The nice thing if I do get to work there is that it’s a 20 min walk from my house!

No more bus pass for me! I can also get more  exercise this way too. I really need to work out more… I have been getting lazy as of late.

Uhh at work I have been watching a lot of musicals. Every time I see them, I just want to burst into song! Too bad I’m not a great singer.

How they act and how everything is staged is so nice! I wanna go see a Broadway musical some day. Going to new York sounds like fun

Maybe when I have more money.

Wow this app uses more power then I thought… Or I just type super slow… From when I started this blog to now I used 10% battery… I hope I can charge my phone on the plane. I think all the new plans have charging things now…

It is a 14 hour flight… I think so…

Oh right in the event my language gets lost… Going to Brian’s will be much easier. I won’t have clothes but there are so many places around I’m sure I can just buy something.