The next day Brian made breakfast for me, he made some type of pork soup. It had seaweed, small pieces of pork, and soy sauce. I think there was more to it but that was the basic ingredients.P_20170617_093424

I also had rice and some side dishes. I must say quail eggs are much tastier then I had thought. I found that I’m not a real big fan of straight up sesame seeds leaves though.  The flavor was much stronger then I thought….


That day I met up with Tiffany and Emi’s friend Jessica! We met up in insadong,  its close to the old royal places. There are lots of alleyways to get lost in and I believe its part of its charm. Although I didnt explore too much while I was there, we did go down one of the allyways for some bingsu at a really cute traditional cafe! They had a bird cage with two bugies in the cafe as well! P_20170617_122101P_20170617_123829

we sat on the ground, I had shorts on that day so it wasnt that bad, but poor jessica had a very cute dress on that day. It was a little hard for her to get comfortable.


After we had bingsu for breakfast, we walked around I bought a hat due to the heat.. but mostly cause it was super cuteP_20170714_134933


I think we just shopped around honestly I dont quite remember since it was pretty over whelming for me. So much so I forgot to take more pictures… Asian is so different from north america, thought I guess that’s a given. I guess I was just ill prepared for it.P_20170617_140215.jpg

After walking around for a bit we ended up going to a restaurant we walked past at the entrance we met up at.  I took a video of all the food but I dont know where to up load it so I guess you wont be seeing it. Though… Im pretty sure I put it on snapchat too. The meal was like less then $15 I think… And we thought that they charged us the wrong amount cause with all the food we got it was definitely over $15. They didnt… it was really only $15.  But we ran away regardless lol. Food is really cheap in korea, well eveerything was cheaper then cananda I guess… I had learnt that canada was just exspensive and korea had a lower cost of living.



After lunch we made our way to samcheongdong, well tried to lol. We ended up getting a little side tracked on our way to the area, again I dont have pics just a video.

Anyway samcheongdong is a place where all the houses are traditional  korean houses. So there were lots of girls dressed up in hambok! walking around taking lots of pics…Everyone was super cute.

One of the houses there was open for people to see. Inside there was a small museum of wooden dolls. Apparently they used them as charms! These ones where used for traveling merchants.P_20170617_160448


as we where walking back to the subway I ran into this super cute cafe! I never went in I just thought it was cute. A part of me wishes I went in.. but it was so hot and everyone was pretty tired I didnt go. Also I wasnt hungry so.. I wouldnt have gotten anything anyway.



I wanted it so bad. But in the end I didnt end up buying any cotton candy this trip… Mostly I really didnt want sticky fingers… and all the sugar… as much as I love it… all the drinks I had were super sweet, I just want water. So I never bought any wonderful bird shaped candy :CP_20170617_181413

for dinner we went to a place that had just street food! But it was a restaurant, so we got to sit down and eat. There was fried tteok, tteokbokki, mando, kimbap and Eomuk-guk

The kimbap came quite a bit latter so I dont have a picture for it. I was too busy stuffing my face with food.

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