Growing up

Today I had a diner with my coworkers. After eating a $40 meal… I was so full but I didn’t eat $40 worth…we went back to my leads house to chat and just play games.

After playing a few jack box games we started chatting. Two of the girls became very chatty. So much so I never got a chance to talk.

Now I guess it was ok… but in the end it was about moving up from being a mid lvl animator to a senior or lead. It was them sucking up?….I guess that’s not really the right word for it. But they talked so much about it and in the end my lead was just ended up saying good things about them. And how production really liked their work.

Meh I guess I shouldn’t let any of this get to my head. I don’t want to do 12 hour days anymore.

They did bring up how we shouldn’t compost ourselves to others. Also worrying is just giving yourself twice the pain…

Eh anyway I just wanted to get my thoughts out.

People who speak out and take initiative get things out of it

I need to make it my goal to stop being ok with how things are

I should fight to let myself bee heard

I need to grow as a person

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