Im a different person now

I havent posted anything here since 2018 huh? How time flies.

You know I dont even remember what the heck I used to write about… but from the title of this blog, probably a lot of self pity, and asking why in the world I dont have a boyfriend.

Well, sorry to say past me, you’re still single. But I have graduated school and started working. I met so many new people and have become a better person, as well as a better friend.

I no longer feel the crippling loneliness we were so accustom to. ‘Although I do still get lonely. I now have friends I can reach out to at anytime. People who wont judge me for whatever problems I have.

I dont think I never thought I could become like this… back in 2015, what did I think of myself? It feels like forever ago… what kinda person did I think would be good for me? Whatever I thought its probably not the same now.

Its a little upsetting that most of my other friends have now gotten girlfriends and boyfriends, while Im still single, but at this point this has become more of a me problem then a.. “why dont boys like me” problem.

Im still upset about my weight.. although I have lost some. I dress better now, cause I have money, and feel much prettier.

I had a crush who didnt like me back, but thats nothing new haha. Honestly that was more of an annoyance then anything. It would be nice if I liked people who liked me first, but I guess it would make it too easy huh?

Goals for the future… maybe put myself out there more? Im a true adult now, I should be better at accepting failure. But Im still very scared of it. I would like to lose more weight… I would like to… finish redecorating my room. I want… so many things.

Growing up still overwhelms me, but I hope I continue to become a better and kinder person to others.